Scalp Free Zone Fenway Park @ Boston MA


How can I buy face value Red Sox tickets you ask?

The Scalp Free Zone at Fenway Park —home of the Boston Red Sox —may be one of the best kept secrets in the city of Boston. This Scalp Free Zone is exactly how it reads,a location to purchase Red Sox tickets at face value from fans,rather than from scalpers. The Scalp Free Zone is located near Gate B,behind the center field bleachers on the corner of¬†Van Ness and Ipswich¬†near the Ted Williams statue.

Anxious Red Sox fans can line up just before,or at game time and see if anyone with tickets,entering the park has extra tickets for sale at face value. If they do,there is a Red Sox employee standing by to broker a face-value deal between the buyer and seller. No scalping,no jacking up the price. Face value or lower,that’s the agreement. A second stipulation is that buyers must enter the park immediatoely upon brokering the deal to prevent resales. There are no guarantees that folks will get tickets here every time,but I’ve had my luck at the Scalp Free Zone and can attest that it’s a good alternative for getting last minute tickets.

Regardless of availability,which is obviously limited,the Scalp Free Zone at Fenway Park offers Boston Red Sox fans a great alternative to high priced brokers,online auction sites and street scalpers. For some other great Red Sox ticket tricks,check out my friends at Red Sox Superfan.

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